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A place where people who have an interest in Angel Art, can meet. Angels of Light, Fallen Angels, Gothic, Surreal, romantic, preraphaelite-like, Magna / Anime. They are all welcome...
The only prerequisite is that they should be created by a Traditional artist!
Also, dark and Gothic, is welcome but nothing too violent or obscene, please...


:bulletblue: No photo-manipulation / digital creations, or Digital coloring please!

If you are using paints - oils, acrylics, watercolor, gouache - or pencils, charcoal, markers etc, you are welcome to show your work here, and share your art creations with all who feel an affinity with the Angelic realms...

:bulletblue: PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! (I can't stress this enough!!!), write in the artist's comments the media you used to create the painting you have submitted, in order to have it included in this Gallery! (How to do that: go to your Deviation page and click on "edit Deviation", then add under "Artists comments" the media you have used and then click on "Save Changes".

:bulletblue: At this point, submit as many deviations as you like. But please only finished paintings.

:bulletblue: Make sure you submit your artwork to the proper sub gallery. It is preferable not to add your images in the "Featured" folder but in one of the rest of the folders, since the "Featured" one, displays representative images out of all the folders featured here. How to do that: Choose the right Folder in which to submit your work (i.e: "Angels of Light", then click on "Submit to this folder" and choose your image. (I may however place them in a different folder than they one you have submitted...)

:bulletblue: About the folder "Dark and Gothic Winged creatures" and "Winged Gods", I mean Anthropomorphic Winged creatures. No more black birds please. Otherwise this will turn into a group for bird lovers :-)

Our admins are: in :iconainikki: :iconkxushka: :iconerik-tan: :iconprpltennisgrl: :iconaodhagain:

Thank you,

from the founder:




Affiliate news

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Our affiliate group Myths-and-Fantasy myths-and-fantasy.deviantart.c… Spring ContestHello members of :iconmyths-and-fantasy:
I want to start a series of contests for this group, like a contest for every season.
I thought about a topic for a group so diverese and came up with the 4 elements: earth, fire, air, and water. :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblue:
So for spring I would like to start with the element EARTH. :bulletgreen:
The idea:
Every artist can make an artwork for the topic earth. Those of you, who like to do dragons can submit artworks with earth-dragons, or tree-dragons, or what other creative ideas you have;  those of you, who love to do fairies can submit flower-fairies, earth-fairies, or what other creative ideas you have; those of you, who like to do monsters and demons can submit earth-monsters; and so on...
I hope that the topic earth is a broad enough subject for every fantasy-artist to work with. :)
:bulletyellow: All sorts of materials/media are allowed: photography, digital/trad
is holding a Spring/earth contest myths-and-fantasy.deviantart.c…?

Theme: Earth
Deadline: 31 May 2012 (can be expanded)
Media: everything
Every artist can join!
The idea of this contest is to create a fantasy picture somehow connected with earth. May be you guys can create earth/spring/nature angels.



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Newest Members

Greetings dear Group Members.

As the heading is saying, I am searching for a new leader of this group.
Everybody who is interested, please send me a message.

I have become pretty idle on dA, only coming around for inviting new members and accept submissions. So, it's time for someone who has more time for this.

So, finally found the time to write a few words.
Since you all know, :iconfanitsafantasy: stepped down and made me the new Founder of this group.
Well, just to let you all know, I am not planning to change anything since I feel comfortable with Fanitsa's rules.
But if you have any suggestions or comments just let me know. I am always open for new ideas ;)

By the way, a few of you might have noticed that their submissions have been declined without any explanation.
I am tired of telling the group rules again and again. We have already done this when inviting you to this group.
So, if your work is declined:

- make sure the media you used is written down
- you did NOT use digital media in ANY way
- there is an angel shown (traditional with wings and whatever)

With this, let me conclude. If anybody is still interested in becoming an Admin or Co-Founder just send me a short message. :)

Cheers, Ainikki
Archangel Jophiel. by fanitsafantasy
Hello to all of you, Angel artists and Angel lovers!
It is time for me to step down from the group:-( - for good this time... Due to workload I just can't continue to come here everyday like I did, ever since June 1st, 2010, when the group was founded.  

It's been a wonderful experience for me, and it has brought to my attention the work of so many wonderful artists!
I have been here almost every single day for the last two years, answering your messages, checking if you added the media used:-) (Oh guys why Oh WHY do you keep forgetting that??!!:-) etc etc. The group has now 524 members and 571 watchers, 13460 pageviews, it has been affiliated with 117 other groups and established relations with them, send personal invitations to dozens and dozens of artists to come as members or participate in the contests, held 2 successful contests that offered many prizes to the winners, and above all, has collected hundreds of interesting Angel Art pieces.
I invite you here to have a look at our "Featured" folder traditional-angels.deviantart.… that hosts some images of great beauty and diversity!!!

What has prompted me to start this group, was my love for Angel art, but also my desire to create a place where traditional Art of all levels is celebrated. Being a traditional Angel Artist myself, I have found that traditional, hand rendered Art, is sometimes overlooked here and it shouldn't be so! Many groups for example have a dozen different folders where you can submit work, like "portraits" "people" "trees", "mythology", "fairies", "long haired angels", "long nosed angels" ;-) or whatever, and then at the end, one last one "for traditional art". Which is to say that all the rest are dedicated to digital art! That can't be right:-) Digital Art may or not be the the "future" of Art, but there is so much beauty in  traditional Art, that it needed to be celebrated "properly". Or at least more so! By another traditional group that was added to the rest of them! And that was what I attempted to do...

Another reason why I started this group was my desire to bring "together" in this small way that groups have,  artists of all levels and have them feel welcome here and to be treated  with respect, not with coldness, smugness, a feeling of superiority, hostility or whatever. I just wanted a friendly sort of place. And I kinda feel I got it thanks to youall:-) This is not one of those big "flashy" groups that have thousands of members and dozens of contests a month and a staggering amount of hits. It has always been a "quieter" sort of place ( mind you not because I particularly wanted it, but because I have been working mostly on my own for so long at this:-) but also BECAUSE it is a group that is about traditional Art only. If we opened our door to digital artists, we would have been a much bigger group but it would also defeat the purpose of this group. So it remained 'small" but it has also been one full of wonderful images and people who respected each other.

I will stay on as a member and will continue to submit work here for as long as the group exists. I wish that I could continue to do this, but I can't, but :iconainikki: will be stepping in my shoes, as the new founder! She is a wonderful artist and for the last months an admin, and I'm sure the group will be in good hands. She will be supported by some other wonderful artists, whose work is featured in our Featured folder and who will act as the new admins and whose names will be announced by her shortly. She will be making her own decisions on what the group will be all about in the future, and I'm sure she will be supported by all of you!

I will stay on for a few days more till every detail is sorted for the new founder to take over.

Thank you, and may you all be blessed by Angels,
So long,
The Angel of Time by fanitsafantasy
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